Her Hair Reveals the Secret of Time

Her Hair Reveals the Secret of Time


Hidden in the vast desert of ancient Mesopotamia, veils disguise the façade of graying. Forbidden to change hair with black dye, her hair is encapsulated in time, revealing a secret...

On the day of the solar eclipse, the howling of wolves shattered the tranquility, shaking the heavens and revealing the long-hidden secrets of the desert. A shadowy figure emerged in the distance, barely visible as she gracefully made her way towards a group of people wandering astray. The forbidden color and resilience of her hair, concealed under an elegant veil, is in stark contrast with the wrinkles on her face. Why does her hair defy the ravages of time? The answer lies within the mysterious pouch she carries in her hand…

The Secret Behind Hair Encapsulated in Time

A golden bottle shaped like the hair follicle, dates and coffee beans uncover the mystery to her youthful hair. O’right’s innovation and the melanin hidden in dates – the Tree of Life – is the secret that helps hair regain its natural color and beauty. The wisdom from the desert will soon liberate the mysterious veil of hair color in Mesopotamia.

The Legend of the Tree of Life

The legendary development of melanin was inspired by O’right’s trip to Saudi Arabia, where the team met a local princess who was running a dates business and gifted them Middle Eastern date palms (Phoenix dactylifera). Back Taiwan, the team had a stroke of genius to use dates and explore its potential. To their surprise, they discovered that natural dates are rich in melanin content, a vital ingredient for scalp and hair health. It can repair the nutrients lost over time and possess excellent anti-aging effects. The research findings were published in the prestigious journal Antioxidants and the ingredient obtained an exclusive and identified INCI.

During the process, the team added natural dates into O’right Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer and discovered the two were a match made in scalp and hair care heaven. When put together, they can strengthen hair roots, restore hair’s natural color and prevent scalp aging. Hence, Caffeine Melanin Botanical Scalp Revitalizer was born. A scalp care study conducted by Hungkuang University showed that up to 90% of participants were satisfied with the results delivered by the product. The research was reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), making it O’right’s third scalp care research reviewed and approved by IRB and demonstrating its groundbreaking innovation in scalp and hair care research and development.

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