Exceeding Your and Nature’s Expectations of a Heathier Future

Clean Products

Zero Carbon Beauty You and Nature Can Count On

“Environmental protection is a choice. Only by respecting Mother Nature can we achieve sustainability.”

– O’right Chairman Steven Ko

Beauty doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. Bringing Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly to a whole new level is O’right’s philosophy and mission. From product ingredients to packaging, we care about your health and well-being while protecting our planet to achieve zero impact. We make sure that everything we do on our green path to true sustainability reflects our visions for a greener tomorrow.

The World’s First 100% Renewable Plastic Pump

O’right strives to promote awareness of marine plastic pollution. Following the introduction of our 100% renewable plastic bottles, we created the world’s first renewable plastic pump and became the first hair care brand to achieve a circular economy. O’right has reached a new milestone by reducing plastic and carbon emissions.

100% Renewable Plastic Shampoo Bottle

Realizing a circular economy is an important milestone for O’right. In 2016, we teamed up with leading environmental company in Taiwan, Da Fon Environmental Technology, and took on upcycling with the world’s first 100% renewable plastic (post-consumer plastic or post-consumer resin) shampoo bottle to ensure the products are not only safe and healthy to use but also environmentally friendly.

The 100% renewable plastic bottles are made from used food or cosmetic containers that have been sorted, crushed, re-sorted, washed, dried, pelletized and regenerated under strict regulations and standards. We obtained third-party product safety certification, proving that our products contain no mercury, bromine, cadmium, lead and chromium to ensure consumer health and safety.

In 2018, we became a pioneer in the cosmetic industry by switching all our shampoo bottles to 100% renewable plastic to reduce carbon by 80%. This milestone made O’right the first green beauty brand in the world to fully achieve a circular economy, making history in Taiwan and the beauty sector. We are one step closer to our visions for a greener tomorrow.

Tree in the Bottle: A Shampoo that Won Finland Over

“A Finnish reporter asked me what a Taiwanese brand can bring for Finland. I replied that many households in Finland fertilize their backyards. Our bottles can grow into trees and would therefore be in good use in Finland.”– O’right Chairman Steven Ko

Our team spent two years developing, designing and manufacturing the world’s first shampoo to receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best honor in 2013. The innovative design went on to receive the iF Design Award and Good Design Award. Since 2014, the Tree in the Bottle and Recoffee Tree in the Bottle are among some of the many products that have been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award. Among the top four international design awards, O’right has already taken home three. Everyone can help to protect our planet by taking simple steps in life. Let’s plant more trees on earth!

100% biodegradable materials:

Made from eco-friendly materials including fruit and vegetable waste that can be naturally degraded in a year when buried in soil.

100% native tree seeds:

The biodegradable bottle can be broken down into CO2 and water in soil helping to nourish the acacia seeds placed in the bottle and grow into a tree. Acacia tree species is most efficient at sequestering and storing carbon from the atmosphere in Taiwan.

Floral Box: New Life Hidden in a Box

O’right Floral Box is made from FSC certified paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests, aiming to avoid the use of wood products from unacceptable sources including wood harvested in rainforests, virgin forests and genetically modified forests. Each time a tree is harvested, four more trees are planted in its place. With FSC certified paper, rainforests or virgin forests will no longer have to be sacrificed.

To reduce environmental impact and use of petroleum-based materials, O’right uses non-toxic eco-friendly plant-based inks as our commitment to preserve the environment. The seed paper is handmade from Manchurian wild rice hulls and bagasse.

Moso Bamboo Caps: A Beautiful, Trendy Sustainable Design

Our beautifully handcrafted O’right Moso bamboo caps are inspired by the remarkable flexibility of bamboo. With its natural color and shine, unique, fine veins, and exquisite texture, our Moso bamboo caps is the perfect fusion of over 10 years of craftsmanship and green trends, creating new green value to bamboo materials and art.

The world’s fastest-growing plant, bamboo can grow up to 120 cm a day, reaching maturity and growing to full height in just 4 years. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees and a hectare of Moso bamboo forest absorbs 35-50 tons of CO2 annually. Its rapid regeneration and ability to produce new shoots even after being cut can contribute to carbon reduction.

In Chinese culture, the bamboo symbolizes integrity and loyalty. Due to its lightweight property, incredible flexibility and superior resilience, each Moso bamboo cap is a unique, exquisite work of art meticulously crafted by hand.

Recoffee: Turning Spent Coffee Grounds into Gold

O’right meticulously created a formula containing coffee oils extracted from used coffee grounds and designed a biodegradable bottle made from coffee grounds and PLA with coffee seeds at the bottom that can grow into a tree when buried in soil. We aim to reduce wastes and make good use of the earth’s resources, fully achieving Cradle to Cradle certification and creating sustainable value for the earth. Recoffee Tree in the Bottle won the Gold Medal and Special Medal at INPEX and Red Dot Awards in packaging and social responsibility for its unique green innovation.

100% coffee oil:

Extracted from used coffee grounds (which have been dried and sterilized) using supercritical fluid extraction.

100% natural coffee-colored bottle:

100% biodegradable bottle made from used coffee grounds and PLA with no pigments added.

Coffee seeds:

Bury the empty bottle after use and wait for it to be completely decomposed in a year. The coffee seeds in the bottle will be nourished and grow into a coffee tree under ideal conditions.