Building Trust through Transparency and Authenticity

Green Certifications

Beauty that makes you and earth feel good inside and out – this is our approach to sustainability and what supports our visions for a greener tomorrow. We offer holistic green living solutions in addition to green products and services in order to develop the biological and technical materials or “ingredients” needed to fuel our transition towards a circular economy and a zero impact world.

If a business is unwilling to commit to what it takes to achieve sustainability, then they shouldn’t call themselves a responsible green business to begin with. In order to call ourselves a sustainable and responsible company from the inside out, we have to do our part in managing, monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through operations, production and supply chains.

We can proudly say out loud that our actions contribute to a sustainable future and guide us towards a zero impact O’right. We stand firm on the belief that authenticity is the key ingredient in a sustainable brand, which is why we insist on providing credible information with third-party verification that represents us as a green company. Transparency makes a brand truly sustainable; so in order to make sustainability happen for real, we have to stay true to our mission as a beauty brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve.

  • ISO14064

    Greenhouse Gas Inventories

  • ISO14067

    Product Carbon Footprint

  • Carbon Trust PAS 2050

  • Carbon Neutrality PAS 2060 by BSI

  • Diamond-level Building Carbon Footprint Label

  • Green Factory Label by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • EEWH Gold-level Green Building Label

  • Water Footprint

  • Cradle to Cradle

  • ISO22716/GMP

    Strengthen education and training

    Prevent equipment contamination, manage production, quality assurance and warehousing, enhance product manufacturing quality.

  • ISO17025

    General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories

    Employee engagement, quality enhancement, constant improvement and customer satisfaction.

  • ISO9001

    Quality Management Systems

    Natural, pure and eco-friendly.

  • ISO14001

    Environment Management Systems

    Environmental protection, employee engagement, energy saving and carbon reduction, green innovation and sustainability.

  • ISO50001

    Energy Management Systems

    Reduce energy consumption, constantly increase our energy efficiency, continue to invest in resources to achieve our goals, comply with laws and other energy-related requirements, improve energy performance in the design and maintenance of equipment and procure and use high energy-efficient products and services.

  • ISO45001

    Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

    Healthy and safety risks, legal compliance, hazard prevention, constant improvement and propaganda and communication.

  • TIPS

    Taiwan Intellectual Property Management Systems (TIPS)

    Promote innovation development and avoid intellectual property infringement and strengthen organizational intellectual right perceptions and capabilities.