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Green Factory

What Green Products Mean to O’right

We ask ourselves: are green products merely products that have sustainably sourced ingredients and packaging? O’right believes that every detail counts, every step matters. From the renewable energies and strict standards, we ensure that every product that ends up in consumers’ hands is truly green from the inside out.

The solar panels and wind turbines at the rooftop of O’right Green Headquarters generate clean, renewable energy to manufacture our green products. A PWC (Process Cooling Water) system ensures that our manufacturing process saves more energy, reduces more carbon and contributes to environmental protection more. We are certified under ISO 50001, the global energy management systems standard, and recently joined RE100 to make a global, public commitment to 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

O’right Green Headquarters is equipped with our own green production center, which was constructed on the original landform without damaging the natural environment to protect the cleanroom from environmental impacts and minimize energy consumption. Our green production area reduces any potential pollution to the minimum to provide customers and earth with the cleanest, zero carbon beauty.

We are committed to saving valuable water resources and reducing water consumption with 3 water recycling systems for the treatment of rainwater, reclaimed water and wastewater, which are subsequently discharged into 7 eco ponds to ensure the water meets quality standards before being released in rivers.

Our attention to details has won us countless certifications and honors. O’right may be a relatively small-scaled enterprise, we are serious about keeping our green promise. Eventually, the small steps we make along our green journey will make a big impact in the world.

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