Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Green Charity

Igniting Hope for Green Change

On our road to a zero carbon world, our green practices have never wavered in our product raw materials, formulations, manufacturing and packaging. Sustainability is a part of everything we do and every decision we make at O’right. With climate change posing increasing risks to humanity, we have made it our mission to put a stop to climate change once and for all. Not only were we validated by SGS for carbon neutrality as a corporate organization as well as achieving zero carbon standard for 9 of our products, we brought sustainability to the next level by vowing to rely fully on renewable energy by 2025. Recently, our ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions jumped to a record high. Along our green journey, we have always set a good example by taking action through environmental activities including Earth Hour, Coastal Cleanup and Plant a Tree. We urge everyone to join us on our green journey to creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

Earth Hour

The initiator of Earth Hour Taiwan, O’right unites the public and corporations to turn off unessential lights for one hour. A simple yet powerful gesture against climate change shows our commitment to the environment and our hope for a brighter future.

Coastal Cleanup

Along with the rest of the world engaging in International Coastal Cleanup, O’right rallies everyone together with the common goal of removing trash from the beaches to restore the natural beauty of our oceans.

Plant a Tree

O’right’s green impact reaches all parts of nature, from beaches to forests. Forests around the world are under threat, so we have made it our mission to preserve forests and slow down climate change. Every year, we team up with NTU Experimental Forest to plant trees and adopt forest lands as a thank you to the silent guardians of our planet. To this day, we have planted 2,660 trees and adopted 3.6 hectares of land.

Environmental Education at the Core of Our Business

When it comes to sustainability, O’right believes that a good company must lead by example. Sustainability is not an impossible dream, it can become a reality. Small things can make a big difference. As a green company and a global citizen on earth, it is up to us we use our power to protect our home, our future.

Leading Change and Inspiring Actions

2012 - Tao Foundation

Made a donation to the Tao Foundation for the rehabilitation of the typhoon-stricken tribal area and also to promote local environmental protection and the unique culture of Tao people.

2012 - The Lorax Sponsorship

Sponsored the release of the 3D film The Lorax produced by Universal Studios by giving out O’right Seed Bags as a means of encouraging children to protect the earth.

2012 - Simple Life project

Supported the Simple Life project initiated by ELIV International in the construction of green orphanages in Cambodia.

2012 - Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Cooperated with Eden Social Welfare Foundation to help children with development delay get early intervention. O’right’s CEO donated all of the speaking fees he earned from various universities and colleges.

2010 -  Chinese edition of 2 Degrees too High: Understanding the Copenhagen Summit

Sponsored the Chinese edition of 2 Degrees too High: Understanding the Copenhagen Summit, giving us a clearer grasp on what we should do for the earth to make it a better, and more wonderful place.

2010 -  Sponsorhip of the DVD release of Taiwan’s first environmental documentary

Sponsored the DVD release of Taiwan’s first environmental documentary ±2°C, which was distributed to over 7,000 hair salons in Taiwan.

2010 -  Aboriginal Culture and Education Association Donation

Donated NT$6.7 million worth of products and NT$350,000 of cash to the Aboriginal Culture and Education Association in Pingtung County to rebuild children’s learning centers in areas severely damaged by Morakot Typhoon.

2009 -  Sponsorship the release of the book and DVD of the documentary HOME

Sponsored the release of the book and DVD of the documentary HOME to give viewers a different view of the earth.

2009 -  Sponsored the premiere of HOME

Sponsored the premiere of HOME, directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, inviting 1,200 salon customers to attend and together make the eco-promise to Go Green and Save the Earth.

2009 -  Taichung’s Kuo’an Elementary School’s soccer team Donation

Donated NT$6 million worth of products and NT$300,000 of cash to Taichung’s Kuo’an Elementary School’s soccer team. The team celebrated their 2 first runner-up wins, making Taiwanese community proud.

2009 -  Kenting beach cleanup

Cleaned up the beaches of Kenting to protect its natural environment and ensure that it continues to thrive.

2008 -  Orbis International Donation

Donated NT$18 million worth of products and NT$178,000 of cash to Orbis International, helping 200 children regain their sight.

2007 -  Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Donation

Donated NT$13 million worth of products and NT$170,000 of cash to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to help disadvantaged children and younger generations.