Building in Harmony with Nature

Green Building

Inspired by Nature

To fulfill our brand promise on sustainability, we invested 2 years to build O’right Green Headquarters, which completed construction in 2012. From choosing the perfect place and observing the natural environment of the site, we took our time learning how to interact and live in harmony with nature before going forward with the construction work.

This piece of land that we were about to build our Green Headquarters on was also the home of dozens of frogs who had been living here long before we came and set foot on the land. Right then, we made a promise that their future generations can continue to call this place their home, the same place we were about to call home as well. The rooftop of our Green Headquarters is not just equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine but also boasts a Sky Farm, where plants inhabited before being temporarily removed elsewhere for the construction project. Eventually, we returned the plants back to their original home, more beautiful than ever. Birds accustomed to resting on the tree branches at our green building were able to come back to their favorite spot. We made this land our home, with frogs and birds as our friendly neighbors.

  • EEWH Gold-level Green Building Label
  • Diamond-level Building Carbon Footprint Label

A green building surrounded by nature

Designed according to the site’s wind direction and built without any gates, fences or walls surrounding, O’right Green Headquarters is home to 60 trees, 10,000 shrubs and 600 frogs.

The staircase leading to the main entrance of the building is designed so that rainwater can reach the pond below, creating an eco-friendly cycle.

Let us take you on a tour of the iconic, innovative O’right Green Headquarters and its natural ecosystem.

Earth Room

Earth Room is installed with a total heat exchanging system that activates when indoor CO2 levels exceed a certain amount to allow fresh air from the outside to be pumped in, which not only saves electricity but also provides staff with a quality work environment.

Low Carbon Office

Our Low Carbon Office is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability. Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring natural light and ventilation into the office. The overhanging eaves help limit exposure to the sun, which lowers the need for air conditioning. Employees work at wooden desks crafted from acacia trees to inspire sustainable thinking and each desk has an individual power switch that can be turned off when electronic devices are not in use to save unnecessary energy.

Eco Pond

The eco pond is responsible for wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting and water reclamation. The water collected and purified can be reused for irrigation and cleaning to maximize the value of resources. Fish and frogs inhabit the pond and can be seen swimming carefree in the water.

Organic Plant Extraction R&D Center

In 2016, our Organic Plant Extraction R&D Center became a biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory and the first TAF accredited laboratory to perform preservation efficacy testing in accordance with ISO 11930 standards as well as total aerobic plate count testing, epidermal hydration, transepidermal water loss and epidermal melanin measurements of human skin. Our industry-leading international laboratory ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of our products, through the highest standards of manufacturing, to give our consumers and the earth the beauty they deserve.

Organic Vegetable Cafeteria

The Organic Vegetable Cafeteria provides healthy meals made from local organic produce. Fair trade coffee is also available to promote healthy living and encourage the sustainable development of the organic farming industry.

Sky Farm

Pebbles are used as a ground cover for the farm, which contributes to reducing the building’s temperature and indoor temperature as well as saving energy consumption. A bird habitat is established to preserve native birds and co-exist in harmony with the surrounding environment.