Is the Arctic the Future of Livable Cities? O’right Brings Arctic Expedition onto the Big Screen in the World Premiere of Melting Greenland

Is the Arctic the Future of Livable Cities? O’right Brings Arctic Expedition onto the Big Screen in the World Premiere of Melting Greenland

In September 2022, zero carbon beauty company O’right set off on a 23-day expedition across the Arctic to make an environmental documentary. On April 18th, O’right unveiled everything the team witnessed on the frontline of climate change in the gripping, eye-opening environmental documentary Melting Greenland at Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Qsquare. The long-awaited world premiere, supported by ESG practitioner E.SUN Financial Holding, saw 400 guests from the government, businesses and academic institutes sitting together on the “front-row seat to climate change” to see the impacts come to life on the big screen.

ESG Leaders Exchange Views in Hopes of Reversing the Climate Clock

At the event hosted by Global Views President Ma-Li Yang, O’right CEO, Steven Ko, and E.SUN Bank Chairman, Joseph Huang, shared their thoughts on the Melting Greenland documentary. 

“Greenland will become a livable city in the future!” Ko boldly predicts. The documentary shows the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet, but also reveals the bountiful water resources that allow children to play by the stream during summer, warmer currents that bring new fish species, and more fertile land created for agriculture. This is a far-cry from the image of the icy, snow-covered Arctic landscape people are accustomed to. 

“Perhaps you feel that the Arctic is far away, and the drastic changes in nature have nothing to do with us,” shares Ko as he tells the story of finding a Made in Taiwan television in an abandoned village in the Arctic. Even though the marine debris is thousands of miles away from Taiwan, it still exists on the same planet we live on, prompting companies to reconsider their manufacturing process and its ecological footprint. 

"This is Not Science Fiction, It’s Real.”

“We all share the same earth and live in the same era. We are the only generation that has the chance to make a difference,” Huang added. “I am honored to be a part of such a meaningful event. Although I haven’t personally been to the Arctic myself, I am deeply moved by what’s happening over there." Huang also shared his experience of attending the World Climate Summit during COP27 in Egypt at the end of 2022, where he called for collaboration between industry, government and academia and is the key factor in accelerating corporate and climate transition, bringing together and making an impact to promote sustainable development. 

Ko shared a touching postcard he received from a Ukrainian girl before leaving for Greenland. The postcard had a colorful flower and the words “The earth is our home. I hope it is filled with beautiful flowers” written on it. Despite living in a country that is embroiled in a grinding war, the girl still cares about the climate crisis. 

Support the Charity Screening of Melting Greenland

Initiated by O’right  in collaboration with United Daily News Group and Vision Project, the Melting Greenland project received support from the World Climate Foundation (WCF) and RE100 Climate Group | CDP, both of which are UN-accredited organizations.

The highlights edition of Melting Greenland was presented at UNGA 77 (the 77th session of the UN General Assembly) and Climate Week NYC, World Climate Summit during COP27 and the Economist Impact’s Sustainability Week Asia. More than 350 schools and 2,000 businesses have shown their support.

After the premiere, O’right will continue to urge climate advocates to support the charity screening of the full version of the Melting Greenland documentary as learning material to open people’s eyes to the harsh reality of worsening climate issues and to bring about the power of change.


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