Who Says Earth Hour is a Waste of Time? Earth Hour Taiwan Saves a Record High of 150,000 kWh

Who Says Earth Hour is a Waste of Time? Earth Hour Taiwan Saves a Record High of 150,000 kWh

O’right, organizer of Earth Hour Taiwan, came together at 8:30 pm on 25th March with the rest of the world in a moment of global unity to celebrate the planet during WWF’s Earth Hour – the “Biggest Hour for Earth.” Across the world, more than 190 countries and territories pledged their support by giving an hour for earth, and 18,000 global landmarks also took part in Earth Hour’s iconic switch off moment. This year, Earth Hour Taiwan saved 150,000 kWh of electricity in Taiwan, equal to reducing 76,350 kg of CO2 and planting 6,941 20-year-old trees – the highest ever recorded in O’right’s 13 years of hosting Earth Hour. 

Steven Ko, CEO of O’right: “When individual action becomes collective power, we can change the world.” In Taiwan, landmarks and green buildings that took part this year include Taipei 101, the Office of the President of Taiwan, the Grand Hotel Taipei and National Taichung Theater.  Government leaders and many of Taiwan’s influencers and celebrities also expressed their support, including long-time supporter of Earth Hour Taiwan and television host Mickey Huang, singer Della Ding, singer-songwriter Arrow Wei, aboriginal singer Jia Jia and Dwight Howard, professional basketball player for the Taoyuan Leopards. 

Be a Socially Responsible Business

O’right rallied FamilyMart, one of the biggest convenience store chains in Taiwan, and worked with momo, Taiwan’s leading online retailing brand to make a meaningful impact. More than 539 businesses, 6,762 retailers, 3,684 salons and millions of people in Taiwan played a major role in making this Earth Hour a success.

Earth Hour received support from thousands of businesses and organizations from all sectors, namely Carrefour, LDC Hotels & Resorts, Promisedland Resort & Lagoon, Caesar Metro Taipei, Far EasTone Telecommunications, Watson’s, China Airlines, Farglory Group, Foodpanda, Chunghwa Telecom, Cathay Financial Holdings and Amo Bakery to fulfill their duty as socially responsible companies and encourage the Taiwanese population to take climate action and restore our one shared home.

On the night of the event, O’right chose to return to its home – the nature-inspired, solar and wind-powered green building – to count down to the lights off moment. The entire staff gathered together, holding up LED lights, to form the iconic “60” logo as a symbol of unity and hope and a demonstration of the power of collective action for our future and the planet’s.

Four thousand and one hundred FamilyMart stores nationwide turned off the lights of their signs for one hour, saving 6,495 kWh of electricity and 3,306 kg of CO2. J&V Energy Technology held a renewable energy-themed event during a Taoyuan Leopards basketball game where the lights of the stadium went off for one minute before the game started to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction.  

FamilyMart's store signs, Taipei 101 and the Office of the President goes dark for Earth Hour Taiwan

A Renewed Identity

Did you notice something different about the Earth Hour logo? In the old logo, the “plus” sign symbolizes that the campaign is beyond just 60 minutes and represents the commitment to continue to do positive acts that go beyond Earth Hour. This year, WWF’s Earth Hour unveiled a renewed identity, thereby revitalizing the power of the hour for a nature-positive world. The new logo, now without the “plus” sign, features a striking flip clock motif to bring focus to the 60 minutes and the time that is running out. The green and blue gradients evoke the earth’s beautiful landscapes and the importance of restoring biodiversity. “We’re evolving the branding, with a new sense of purpose and urgency,” says WWF. “This year’s Earth Hour will also serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of our planet, the need to protect it, and how little time we have to do so.”

Climate Change is Everyone’s Responsibility

The world could reach 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels in just 5 years, reveals the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). From drought, flooding to sea level rising, global reports have highlighted the existential threat of climate change to the environment and put climate action as an unprecedented priority.

“Climate change is everyone’s responsibility,” Ko says. Earth Hour has always been more than just switching off the lights for an hour, inspiring millions to act and take notice. Now at a tipping point with climate and nature crises, Earth Hour calls on supporters across the globe to give an hour for earth, using the power of the people to turn a single hour into millions of hours of action and awareness and creating a domino effect of impact that continues well beyond the 60 minutes. When the lights go off, let us listen to the sounds of nature and remember that we are responsible for protecting our shared home and all its living creatures, taking action against nature loss and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. Time is precious, but when citizens of the earth unite and come together, it could culminate into something so much more powerful than the world imagined.

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