#MeltingGreenland Arctic Stand-up Paddleboarding Challenge

#MeltingGreenland Arctic Stand-up Paddleboarding Challenge

Ever tried stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) on in Arctic waters? O’right’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) took on this challenge as he glided across the watery landscape on a stand-up paddleboard amongst icebergs. “As we paddled closer to the gigantic towers of ice, 100 meters tall and 2,000 meters wide, standing above waters that are tens of meters in depth, we felt the temperatures drop to freezing levels. It was like entering a massive freezer with wind!” he recalled. 

They look like they are very close to the glacier, but they’re actually still over 300 meters away. Even so, they could hear the cracking sounds of glaciers calving… 

Owing to the rapidly warming global climate, Arctic glacial ice is retreating as much as 40 meters per day. One day after the SUP challenge, the glacier our CSO was observing had already begun to break off…

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