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Beauty Features

Scalp Activator and Hair Root Strengthener

A fusion of natural caffeine extracted from coffee husks and precious plants revitalizes the scalp and intensively nourishes hair roots for healthier, fuller hair.


Free from 8 harmful chemicals for a healthier and greener cleansing experience.

Tree in the Bottle 250ml

100% Natural Coffee Colored Bottle

A 100% biodegradable bottle made from used coffee grounds and PLA with no pigments added.


We pioneer the use of a mono-material refill pack made entirely from LDPE, an innovative and sustainable solution to traditional single-use materials. Recycle, reuse and keep it circulating.

*Each box comes with two sets of bamboo caps, plugs and silicone sealing rings to replace when necessary.


Made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PP materials to reduce plastic waste.

The plug is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials derived from vegetable waste and plant starch. Comes from nature and goes back to nature.

Moso Bamboo Cap Made from natural Moso bamboo, a fast-growing plant that regenerates quickly after being harvested, making it a sustainable resource. A hectare of Moso bamboo forest absorbs 35-50 tons of carbon.

Green Certifications

USDA Certified Biobased Natural Caffeine Extract

This exclusive ingredient, certified by USDA to contain 100% biobased (non-fossil fuel) content, is derived from the extract of coffee husks (the residue from coffee grown in Taiwan) to maximize the value of the earth’s resources.

Beauty Ingredients

Natural caffeine extract

Natural active ingredients and essence. Revitalizes scalp and strengthens hair roots. Nourishes and repairs hair.

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Willowleaf meadowsweet extract

Soothes the scalp. Balances natural scalp oils.

Fumaria extract

Reduces scalp inflammation and discomfort. Soothes and repairs sensitive scalp.

Beauty That Works

Studies by British dermatologists show that when caffeine concentrations are at 5 ppm and 10 ppm it can stimulate the growth of hair shafts and wowing you with healthy scalp, fuller hair, and a confidence boost.




Beauty Tips

Apply a modest amount on wet hair. Gently massage before rinsing off. Follow with O’right Conditioner.

Directions: Cut open R-Pack and pour the liquid into R-Bottle. Close tightly. Happy consumer and happy earth.

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