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Beauty Features

Irresistible Curls and Shine

Packed with the perfect balancing blend of natural botanical oils such as rice, olive leaf, avocado and sunflower seed, this light-hold formula gives your curls bouncy definition that no one will be able to resist. Meanwhile rose damascena brings luster back to damaged hair. Get ready to enhance shine and intensify your curls for luscious locks with ultimate bounce and vitality.

USDA Certified Biobased Product

Tested by Beta Analytic, the world’s leading radiocarbon dating and biobased content testing laboratory

The USDA Certified Biobased Product label identifies products made from renewable biological resources to promote the circulation of new organic renewable carbon (non-fossil), reduce carbon emissions and maintain ecological balance.

Zero Carbon Commitment

Your beauty, the zero carbon way.
In 2020, O’right achieved carbon neutrality across entire product portfolio to deliver on our promise to protect people and the earth.

100% Post-consumer Recycled

The bottle is made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic materials, which have been sorted, crushed, resorted, washed, dried, pelletized and reprocessed into new products to prolong a a product's life.


Offering the best in green beauty since the very beginning, O’right empowers you to live a committed vegan lifestyle with 100% natural and pure plant-based beauty products that contain no animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients.

Beauty Ingredients

The Perfectly Balanced Blend of Natural Botanicals to Enhance Your Beauty

Debunk the myth that beauty oils are heavy and thick
Uncover the secrets of natural botanical oils
Create the perfectly balanced blend to enhance your beauty
Treatment and styling in one bottle

Natural botanical oils

Powered by the perfect balancing blend of botanicals. A light-hold formula to shape curls. Adds elasticity, shine and moisture.

Rose damascena

Nourishes, balances and repairs. Gives hair an irresistible charm.

Beauty That Works

Beauty Tips

Beauty Secret for Curly Hair

Distribute evenly to towel-dried or dry hair before styling.
Use as a pre-styling treatment to create the foundation for perfect curls and a stronger hold.
Use after heat styling for extra curl definition, bouncy waves and irresistible shine.

Beauty Secret for Straight Hair

Distribute evenly to dry hair to create the foundation for perfect curls and a stronger hold. Get naturally wavy hair and any style effortlessly.

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